I Discovered the Secrets of Successful Digital Marketing – And You Can Too!

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Are you an aspiring digital marketer? 

Have you enrolled in multiple online courses but still not sure where to start?

Do you want to fill your gaps and become one of the best digital marketers in your niche?

Wait! I have something really interesting for you but don’t worry, this is not another online course.


I feel you are missing the fundamentals of marketing as most marketers do. 

Most digital marketers focus on mastering the digital tools rather than mastering the marketing skills first and build their personal brand.

I would like you to spend the next few mins here reading this piece of content and I’m sure your perception of marketing would change. 

And if you follow each one of these steps religiously, you have no other option but to succeed. 

Let us see what we are going to cover in this article

Fundamentals of Marketing

First, let’s get your foundation strong in marketing before we talk about digital.

If you are a BBA or MBA graduate, I’m sure you would think that I’m going to talk about the 4P’s of marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) here.

But, I’m not going to talk about that here. 🙂 

Let me first ask you a very simple question, when do you start marketing, and what do you market?

You might say, of course, you would market your physical/digital products or services.

Yes, you are right but not always! 

If it’s an existing product then it’s correct but if you’re launching a new product then you may have to revisit your marketing strategy.

First, you need to identify the customer needs and that should eventually lead to creating a product.

This just means that you should start marketing even before you create the product.

So, let me just explain this point with an example. 

Just try to visualize the scene below, visualizing as you read makes your life easier to understand the concepts.

There is a company named ‘A’. They wanted to bring one revolutionary product to market.

So, they started advertising stating the benefits of the product without revealing what the product is.

This induced curiosity in the audience on what the product is and how it’s going to benefit them.

So, once the product was launched, it already had an audience who were willing to purchase the product.

In the above scenario, if you see, the product didn’t exist when it was advertised. It was only in the minds of the company to release the product.

Now, based on the customer’s demand, the product was launched.

But, it doesn’t end here. 

There are chances that the product is not up to the mark as advertised and it can even be a failure.

So, do remember that marketing is not only about selling the product but also to retain your customers. 

In order to retain your customer, provide immense customer value, give them a good quality product.

The quality of your product should be good enough so that it can sell itself in long run. Word of mouth is still the best marketing channel for any good product.

Let me emphasize it again, never think that Marketing is THE only important thing to promote your product! Your product on its own should be best in order for the marketing to succeed.

Keep your customers happy and they shall keep you happy by becoming your lifetime customers.

This would finally lead to a WIN-WIN situation for both the customer and the product owner.

So, once you know when to market your product launches, next we should see where to do marketing?

Let us dive in and find out when to choose traditional marketing and when to choose digital marketing.

When to use traditional and digital marketing?

Traditional marketing?

Does traditional marketing work even now?

If you have any such question running in your mind, please do remember that Marketing is something that every business would need.

Both traditional and digital marketing are very powerful and it should be used based on who your audience are and where your real audience exists.

Again let’s go with some examples here

Say, a local grocery store owner approaches you and asks you what should I do to promote my store in this area?

A simple answer would be, go ahead and give some discounts / FREE offers. Print pamphlets with your store address and your offer, get them distributed to the local residents, or put an ad in the local newspaper or local channel.

For sure, we will not suggest that, we will build an eCommerce website for your store and we can run google ads for your website. 

Local residents would prefer going to the store directly, rather than searching in google for a nearby grocery store. 

In this scenario, we still use traditional marketing and it’s powerful.

Now, let us take another example

Say, a tuition teacher who is taking a class in her locality approaches you and asks for some strategy so that she can increase her revenue or teach more students.

Now, our answer would be, please start teaching online so that you can reach many more students. 

Start explaining to her about the digital marketing strategy which she can use to get more students for her classes.

In this scenario, we can use digital marketing.

To summarize this, 

Traditional marketing can be used if you want to reach either local residents or a generic product with a wide range of audience. The downside of traditional marketing is you cannot track the conversions and it’s just one-way communication.

Digital marketing can be used for any business. It can even be used for local business provided the audience shows their interest in that particular business on the web.

In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing can be tracked for conversions and it provides two-way communication.

With regard to the downside of digital marketing, I really can’t say that it’s a downside but with the evolution of technology, you need to be up to date and apply the latest strategies which work best for the business.

So, based on the client’s requirement think wisely and decide if the client would need traditional or digital marketing for their business.

Next, we will see one another very important aspect of marketing without which your marketing cannot succeed.

Don’t panic! We will also see how can you improve that skill.

How Good Is Your Communication Skills?

What according to you is Good communication skills?

Is it speaking English with good vocabulary?

No, my dear friend, you are wrong! Communication doesn’t actually mean that you should be able to speak high-standard English or not about your English grammar skills.

You don’t have to use high vocabulary. You just speak slowly, clearly, and directly in simple English which is easy for your client to understand.

When it comes to communication skills, the main thing which is required is you should be confident and be able to convey your message to the client.

The client should be able to understand what you are going to deliver to them. Just transfer your thoughts to your client’s mind in the best possible way.

Keep in mind that communication is not only about speaking but also listening. 

First, listen to your client’s problem carefully before you start to speak. 

Communication means exchanging the message in two ways. So, allow your client to speak, listen carefully and then speak confidently and showcase your solution.

Don’t get discouraged just because you’re not able to speak English fluently. There is a solution and you can overcome that.

English is a language, if you can speak your mother tongue fluently, then you can learn and speak any language.

I’m giving you few tips here to improve your English speaking skills so that you become more confident.

1) Start reading more books. Do you feel it’s easy to say but difficult to implement? Just try spending 30 mins daily reading the book and you’ll see the difference.

2) Start writing 300 – 500 words every day. This will help you immensely to improve your content writing skills and eventually you will start feeling confident while communicating with others

3) Don’t try to use complicated English, just speak as you talk

4) If your mind is wandering around and thinking something, start thinking that in English rather than in your mother tongue.

Start following these tips every day, you will start seeing the difference in your communication within a couple of weeks.

Now, I hope you are strong with your basic fundamentals, so let us dive into some in-depth concepts.

CATT Marketing Funnel

What is this CATT Marketing funnel?

Digital Deepak came up with this simple yet very powerful CATT Marketing funnel. This CATT framework is fundamental for any marketing funnel.

So, what exactly is this CATT?

C – Content

A – Attention

T – Trust

T – Transaction

What according to you does a marketer or business owner eventually looking out for?

SALES, isn’t it?

Now, if we just go to a set of people and start selling the product/service, will they buy it immediately? The chances are very less unless otherwise, it’s already a well-known product.

So, what do you mean by this well-known product, how can you make your product/service as well-known in your industry.

CATT framework comes to our rescue in this.

Wealth = n^CATT. Here, n is your niche. 

First, select your niche. Don’t provide everything to everyone, be very specific on what you can offer. By niching down, you are going to increase your wealth exponentially.

So, let us see the 4 stages of the CATT framework


Content is the foundation of this CATT framework. Content can be anything that you deliver to your audience. 

Build your content based on your niche. It can be a blog post, YouTube video, social media post, eBook, free course, podcast, etc. 


Now, we need to bring the attention of our audience to our content. Instead of driving traffic to your sales page, drive traffic to your content. 

This is known as content marketing and it’s very powerful to build trust in your brand. 


Trust doesn’t happen on day one. It happens eventually.

As and when you publish a new blog post/video/podcast, notify your audience about your newly published content.

Show them the social proof, send the testimonials of other clients.

This will help in building trust with your audience. Check the article on Fundamentals of Mass Trust to know more.


Once you have built the trust, you can ask for Sales. 

Now, the audience knows you very well and they would not hesitate to purchase a product/service from you.

But to ask for sales, just having trust is not sufficient. You need to have a good offer for your customers.

Make sure you have a golden offer for your audience before asking them for sales.

Since you have already proved that you are trustworthy and you have enough knowledge in your niche, converting your lead to a customer is going to be very easy.

Implement this CATT marketing funnel in your business and see your wealth growing exponentially.

Continue this process in your business till your niche reaches saturation. 

Once it reaches a saturation point, pick another niche of your choice and repeat the CATT marketing funnel.

Now that you know the secret funnel for your business success, you also need to know how to do digital marketing in a proper way.

Let us now find out how to do that?

Integrated Digital Marketing

You have been doing different modules of digital marketing separately like you run FB ads or do content marketing or SEO for your business.

Have you ever tried to integrate all these different digital marketing aspects together?


Not to worry, let me explain to you here how you can do integrated digital marketing for your business.

Integrated digital marketing is implemented with the CATT funnel as a base. When we combine different modules of digital marketing, it becomes more powerful.

In integrated digital marketing, the content will be the boss and all the other aspects revolve around the content.

First, we need to drive traffic to your content using organic, paid ads, social media marketing, SEO, etc. Now, the customers enter your funnel via any of these means.

Once the customers enter your funnel, hook them to subscribe to your email list and follow you on different social media.

Now, we have our audience and our content, now we need to nurture our audience with the content.

What exactly is this? 

Here you can use Email Marketing to nurture your audience.

You have your blog post, videos, free courses, etc, and also your audience.

They have entered your funnel by watching one of your content. So, send them an email drip sequence and provide them more value with the help of your content.

Nurture your leads with your content and build trust. Now, the sales shall happen without much effort.

Finally, this eventually helps in building our personal brand.

Build a strong personal brand

How long do you take to master any skill? 

3 years? 5 years? 10 years???

Yes, mastering a skill doesn’t happen overnight.

Similarly building a personal brand takes time. 

What is with personal brand and not with the brand?

When you are starting as a freelancer or an individual, people get connected to you and not your brand.  

So, when you speak as a person, people can easily relate to you and hear you when compared to an unknown brand. 

Start building your personal brand and once your personal brand is well known, you can build a startup with your influence as a personal brand.

The personal brand evolves when we follow the below blueprint and it’s called the MASS Trust blueprint.


Learning is the first phase in the MASS Trust blueprint. Based on your interest, you need to learn a skill which is in demand in the market.

Learning never ends. As technology evolves, you need to be up to date to sustain yourself in the market.


Once you learned a skill, look for an appropriate job or do freelancing to implement the skills which you acquire.

Only when you implement what you learn, you get to dive deeper and you will have a better understanding.


While working as a freelancer or for a company, start your blog and write all your learnings based on your experience.

Writing will help you in understanding the concepts deeper and the person who visits your blog gets to know that you know your stuff.

Eventually, you will start building your personal brand.


Once you gain some experience and have started building your personal brand, start providing one-one consultation to your relevant audience.

This is the first step to start your freedom life.


Next, from the stage of consulting one-one to business, now you can start mentoring a group of people.

You can start teaching the people who are in step one now, ie., who want to learn a skill.

While you are teaching you too get to learn more deeper. So, teaching is one of the best ways for you to learn deep about a subject.


Based on your talent, experience, you can understand what the market needs are.

Now, start providing service or create a product to solve the pain points of the customers.

Managing a startup would not have been an easy task if this was your first step. 

But, with this process of building a personal brand slowly using the MASS Trust blueprint, you would have gathered lots of knowledge.

And now it would become easy for you to manage your startup.


So, to conclude let me recap the key takeaways from this article.

  • Firstly, we made a strong foundation in marketing. 
  • Next, we saw in which scenarios you need to use traditional marketing and when you need to use digital marketing. We also saw a few pros and cons of these.
  • We dived into finding what is good communication skills means and how to improve it.
  • Then, we started going a bit deeper to understand the CATT Marketing funnel and how it’s used in integrated digital marketing. 
  • Finally, once we have understood all the above marketing concepts we saw the process of building your personal brand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

Do you still have any further questions in your mind? Please drop your comments below, I’ll be happy to help you!

PS: I read each of your comment

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